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September 16, 2022

Benefits of Using Ember.js for Your Projects

We cannot imagine today’s world without applications. The market is overflowing with the tools that help designers, web developers, and enthusiasts put together nice applications without much ado and writing miles of code. But with constantly changing technologies and web development trends replacing each other with the speed of light, it may be difficult to keep up with your market demands and choose the tools that would be most effective under the given circumstances. The rapidly changing techs are the source of the biggest pressure on developers. Luckily, with the help of the right web development framework, a developer can employ out-of-the-box tools that help create the apps that are in tune with the times.

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Today, we’ll direct our attention to the Ember.js framework, which is rightly considered one of the best options for building modern web applications. Let’s see what benefits Ember.js may actually bring to the table.

Ability to Develop High-End Business Solutions

With Ember.js experienced coders can create effective business apps for various industries. Today, Ember enables companies to put together web-based solutions that can assist them in tracking their website performance, collect analytics data, attract clients, convert leads, and finalize deals. Ember.js can help you process big data and fix bugs more effectively, especially when combined with machine learning. (View site to learn more.) So, Ember can be a win-win option for you if you want to craft a truly robust and responsive app that will take your UX, customer support, and overall business performance to the next level within the shortest possible time frame.

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Useful Add-ons

With the no- and low-code philosophy dominating the custom app development landscape, modern frameworks try to provide modern developers with a wide selection of open source code, which can be used for different projects. And Ember.js is no exception. Ember is famed for its packages, also known as add-ons, which can be used for developing scalable single-page web applications. Not only do these magical utilities spare you the bother of writing much code from scratch, but also go a long way towards helping you write your own modules, handle preprocessing, file fingerprinting, and much more. Build-time, runtime, infrastructure, and quality assurance add-ons will provide you with the tools necessary to speed up your development process and test new software for bugs and other issues. Currently, Ember boasts more than two thousand add-ons, including those for Mocha, Sass, LESS, and others.

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Convention over Configuration

If you’re familiar with the Ruby on Rails framework, you probably know how convention over configuration helps coders focus on core functionality of their product instead of tinkering with low-end infrastructures. The similar effect can be achieved with Ember.js. The convention over configuration principle saves developers the trouble of taking up numerous technical challenges. As a result, they have fewer decisions to make and fewer files to configure. This allows focusing on the most important tasks and boosting your development team performance.

Command Line Interface

Another reason behind Ember’s popularity is its command line interface. It enables developers to directly interact with the operating system and create more responsive web apps.

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Ember boasts a set of handy resources and tools wherewith you can build and test your software. With the benefit of its add-ons (mentioned earlier in our article) and the Broccoli build tool, Ember makes it possible to create custom build programs and quickly transform files when the need arises.

Some of the tasks developers can perform in Ember CLI are things include ember serve, ember build, ember deploy, ember generate, and ember test. This tool can be successfully used to write code and test new software inside the browser in real-time. With the help of Ember CLI, you can put together a full-fledged app and determine its functions with a single command.

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Stability without Stagnation

The stability over stagnation is another principle Ember upholds. Ember developers encourage installing the latest versions of their software and update your framework to be able to avail yourself of the complete set of useful tools. That being said, you can rest assured that your app running Ember older versions won’t crash at the most inopportune moment thanks to Ember’s backward compatibility features. Thus, regular updates and innovations introduced by Ember developers don’t get in the way of stability.

Community Support

Ember.js has a large vibrant community that can advise you on how to tackle this or that issue and share some useful insights. The community of Ember users frequently holds various meetups and conferences in more than 60 countries. The fact that such popular websites as Twitch, Groupon, LinkedIn, and Apple Music are relying on Ember for maintaining their web operations also testifies to its popularity. So, don’t hesitate to use this framework for your next project.

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