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September 6, 2020

Can a dog climb stairs after spay?

If you have a female dog, it’s a blessing for you because you will get to see some small little puppies in your house every year. However, at some point, giving birth can be very risky for your dog when they are at a certain age. To prevent issues such as ovary cancer, you need to spay your dog. A spay is a procedure of removing ovaries and uterus from the dog so that their reproductive system will close and prevent them from having ovary cancer. This usually happens under general anesthesia and consists of some small laceration around the abdomen part. 

During the summer, spaying your dog is a normal event. But, usually, we love to have pool activity during the summer, which might be a concern. Generally, the dog owners who have a pool at the backside use ramps or stairs for their dog to get in and out of the pool.

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When Should You Use Stairs for Your Dog?

Stairs are usually used if it’s an above-ground pool. An above-ground pool is a type of pool that is situated above the ground and needs stairs to climb in sometimes. Also, it is easy to fix and less dirty. It is also famous for its affordability, which is why many people are likely to buy or make this pool in their backyard. To prevent bone and ligament injuries and make safe and easy transportation, you should use dog stairs for above ground pool. 

This type of pool is suitable for anyone as you can customize it according to your budget. You can add a ramp, stairs, or any other transport tools that will help you and your dog get in and out of the pool. Usually, we use stairs for better transport, prevent joints, bones, and ligament injuries, senior dogs, and miniature dogs.

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Dog’s behavior After Spaying

It is normal to spay your female dog after some weeks just to prevent ovary cancer.However, after spaying your dog, you might be concerned about her safety, which is understandable. 

The first week of spaying is a difficult and critical week. The behavior of the dog gets changed during this week. Usually, this time dogs are quite anxious and impulsive with their behavior and want to jump, climb, or hop anywhere. You need to take good care of your spayed dog and keep an eye on them so they don’t get engaged in some activity that might hamper their health.  

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Can a dog climb stairs after spay?

Generally, a dog can walk right after she spayed and can go home on her own. According to the experts, it is okay if they walk slowly. However, they cannot run, jump, or climb for straight weeks after their spaying. After the operation, because of medicine, they might feel dizzy and can’t walk straight. Doctors are recommending to carry her in this situation.

Stay away from Pool

After the operation, you should not take your dog to the swimming pool for two weeks. She has to be recovered along with her stitch. Otherwise, the stitch will open up and cause serious injection from the pool water. As they aren’t allowed into the pool, they can not climb the stairs of the pool either. Pool stairs are usually made of stainless steel and taller than other stairs as it has little amount of steps. These tall stairs can stretch her skin, which might lead to tearing the stitches. On the other hand, the pool stairs might be slippery, which leads to any accidents. 

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You have to restrict your dog’s activity during this time. Try to carry her all the time whenever she needs to move. Do not let her climb the stairs as it might cause a serious stitch injury. Limit her playtime. Avoid her jumping on the couch and calm her whenever she gets hyper. Make sure that she doesn’t scratch her stitches and only lick it in order to dry it earlier. However, you still have to be very careful during this period. 


Stitches take time to cover and dry. It is best for your dog not to play with water and move here and there during this time. Climbing stairs during this time can be really dangerous as the area of the stitches is still vulnerable. 

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