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September 24, 2022

How Can One Increase Their Productivity

Personal productivity is the effective completion of tasks that move you closer to your goals while keeping balance in important facets of your life. Depending on what matters to you on a personal level, such as fostering social connections, improving one’s health, or boosting one’s income, being more productive might imply many things.

Nearly every waking hour, modern professionals are inundated with news, work, and notifications. It can be challenging to stay on top of everyday duties and established goals when so much is clamoring for your attention. Many time management tools and productivity applications make claims to increase productivity. Still, they are quickly forgotten as you fall back into old routines.

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For instance, you might want to switch the software you presently use for presenting news perspectives to journalists with software that offers a higher level of interaction and a more tailored and up-to-date contact list to increase productivity. Doing this might obtain 10% more favorable feedback from the journalists you’re aiming for a more fruitful outcome.

When you can complete a task more quickly or for the same price, productivity increases because more output is produced from the same input quantity. Additionally, when a given amount of product is produced at a cheaper cost or in less time with fewer inputs.




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Productivity in Communication

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What can productivity do for our communication endeavors, then? Fundamentally, higher organizational performance ought to result from increased production. This output could be at the level of the person, the group, the department, or the organization.

For example, your team’s improved messaging by using HIPAA compliant Fax. This may increase employee acceptability of the need for change, improving operational efficiency and results. However, since many internal and external variables may have contributed to organizational success, it will be challenging to demonstrate that your team’s increased productivity resulted in better organizational goals.

However, the connection between productivity attained at one level and other levels become complicated and intertwined. What effect on productivity do hybrid modes have? How, for instance, might a person using various styles of operation contribute to increased corporate productivity?

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How Can One Gauge Their Productivity?

The quantity of value you produce divided by the number of hours your labor is a straightforward formula for calculating productivity. A highly productive person will produce the same amount of value for an organization in less time or more significantly produce the same amount of value in the same period.

It can be challenging to gauge your productivity because you may not always be aware of the value you contribute. This is particularly true if your work doesn’t entail manufacturing a tangible product.


Therefore, it may be simpler to conceive of productivity as the number of productive hours you have throughout a typical day or week. A productive hour is when you feel you can focus on a task and finish it without interruptions.

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There are periods of the day or week when many of us feel more productive than at other times. Distractions include unexpected meetings, phone calls, chat notifications, and too many tiny jobs that get in the way. All of these things keep you from finishing the “big stuff.”

According to a 2019 survey published by the Economic Research Council of the United Kingdom, the average worker in that country was only functional for 2 hours and 53 minutes daily. With an estimated 8-hour workday, there are just around 5 hours left for accomplishing. Therefore, you’re already more productive than the average worker if your daily personal productivity exceeds three hours.

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Let’s dive into the best ways to increase personal productivity:

  1. Make Use of To-Do Lists and Sticky Notes

A decent to-do list and sticky notes are best friends. They hold your job lists, never forget anything you “tell” them, and they clear the clutter from your head. In addition, these two methods for taking notes are very dependable and simple to utilize. So take out some paper or a digital to-do list app, and begin to list your tasks.

Your mind gets emptied, and your thoughts are transferred to a blank paper. By doing this, you will feel less stressed or unorganized and better schedule and concentrate on vital chores while separating them from less important ones.

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  1. Prioritize Energy Over Time Management.

Order your daily duties around when you are most energetic if you are fortunate enough to be your boss or set up your workday schedule. This will ensure you focus your high-energy hours on the most crucial tasks.

Often, you don’t need more time but more concentration on the work you need to perform. If you are distracted or unwilling to put up a sufficient amount of effort, adding more time to work will not be beneficial. Try the following productivity strategies to increase your productivity if you notice that you frequently experience an afternoon slump. Yu can use the following tips:

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  • Regardless of how chaotic your workdays maybe, utilize the Pomodoro technique to finish major chores. Plan five-minute breaks to unwind your mind with activities like meditation or inject laughter, movement, and energy into your workdays.
  • If you perform better in the mornings, consider the Eat the Frog strategy. This makes it easier for you to concentrate and complete the most crucial chores in the morning. This ensures that you advance your objectives each day before any other distractions.
  • To feel more energized during the day, include extra measures like getting more sleep or eating better.

The best way to avoid burnout and other depressive symptoms from emotional stress at work is to manage your energy. Think about the things missing from your daily schedule and design your workday around new routines that will allow you to relax while completing tasks.

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  1. Know When To Use Social Media.

You can find that social media is one of the many things that are not worth the time you spend on them. Even though it may be nearly difficult to avoid social media completely, it’s crucial to remember that it should be a tool to help you achieve your goals rather than a productivity black hole.


Evaluate your interaction with social media. Use time-tracking software to track how much time you spend on various websites and how much it contributes to your overall life and career goals. Reduce your time spent on social media gradually. Focus your time and energy on more worthwhile activities if you discover that you are putting more into it than you are getting out of it.

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Here are a couple of methods to do this:

  • First, avoid checking notifications at the beginning and conclusion of the day.
  • Reduce distractions and constant multitasking during the day by turning off notifications.
  • If you find yourself using social media as a form of procrastination throughout the workplace, stop immediately and go on to a meaningful endeavor.

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  1. Organize And Purge Your Workspace

Workspaces that are cluttered might be annoying. They obstruct your productivity and prevent you from thinking clearly and functioning effectively. If you frequently forget where you put things you need or become distracted by the objects around you, you know you need to declutter immediately.

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For many individuals who are new to remote work, this is extremely crucial. Keeping your office and living space separate is crucial to distinguish between work and home time mentally. This will guarantee greater productivity while enhancing your general welfare and work-life balance.


  1. Using a Task or Project management app.

This is crucial information for people who work on multiple projects at once: project management tools and frameworks like Kanban may help you remain on top of all you need to do. In addition, you have the ultimate word in your productivity, so it doesn’t matter if your coworkers utilize a variety of systems or none.

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Use Kanban boards to keep track of your projects from a high level to a more in-depth perspective. These boards will show you what has been completed, is pending, and is being worked on. In addition, invite partners into your project management workspace to speed up communication and cooperation. When working with remote, cross-functional teams, these applications are even more useful because you can set different access levels on them.


  1. Keep A Record Of Your Time Usage.

Our favorite productivity technique is keeping track of your time and attention throughout the day. This will enable you to evaluate your present working style and make a note of improvements. The insights that emerge from time monitoring data frequently diverge greatly from your initial expectations. For instance, you can find that you spend far more time than anticipated on a particular work and client, leaving other clients and tasks competing for your attention in a relatively shorter period.

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You may exert more control over how much time you devote to your high-value projects when you keep track of your time. For example, using automated time-tracking software, you can avoid setting aside time to enter information into timesheets and logs manually.


  1. Habit Tracker

Making significant progress is motivated by developing daily routines. You can create a good habit (like increasing your exercise regimen) or break a bad one. You’ll feel more driven to strive toward your goals as long as you maintain your routines.

With habit tracker applications, you may set streak objectives, receive prizes, or export your data to see how you’re doing.

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  1. Become More Proficient At Doing One Thing At A Time.

The brain of a human cannot multitask. According to studies, multitasking actually lowers productivity by as much as 40%. Because switching between various things makes concentrating difficult, it impairs working memory and causes tension and mental exhaustion. Therefore, increase your productivity by concentrating on just one activity at once. To prevent burnout, you should also refrain from taking on too much.


  1. Obtain Adequate Sleep

Sleeping for seven to nine hours per night is essential for your physical and emotional health. According to the American Sleep Association, more than 30% of those between the ages of 20 and 39 and 40% of those between the ages of 40 and 59 reported sleeping less than the recommended amount. A 2007 Harvard study found that being sleep deprived decreases productivity and increased the likelihood of mistakes. A good night’s sleep increases memory, happiness, and creativity while lowering stress. Additionally, it improves your ability to concentrate and focus while making split-second decisions. To prepare yourself for a more productive day, it’s also crucial to establish a good morning habit.

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Start using these powerful productivity-enhancing techniques right away and watch your life change.


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