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May 6, 2022

How to Boost Mobile Conversion for eCommerce: 6 Easy Tips to Follow

A vast majority of the website visits and eCommerce purchases now happen on mobile. This is why Google also gives top priority to mobile-friendly sites in their search ranks. If you are running an eCommerce Store, you particularly have to focus on mobile conversion as most of your customers are likely to access your store on mobile.


To build an eCommerce website for optimum mobile conversion rate, consider the following tips. Have a youtube channel and want to get more exposure for your videos? don’t miss out on your chance to get more views by sharing tips like this. Buy youtube views now and see the results instantly.

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#1. Improve Site Speed

As per Google, 53% of visitors accessing a mobile website leave the site if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. Surprisingly, 70% of mobile eCommerce web stores take more than even 7 seconds to load. So, when it comes to page loading speed, the vast majority of mobile eCommerce stores suffer. Let us explain some of the effective ways to enhance your website speed.


Reduce the server response time: Ensure best configuration and software to enhance the response speed from your server. This also depends on the quality of web hosting service.

Minimize the file size: Heavy files often take too much time to load and thereby they make the loading speed slower. You can use zip compression to reduce the file size to a minimum. It is especially useful to reduce the size of image files.

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Reduce Redirects: Redirect is a key culprit to slow the loading speed. This is why it is advisable to avoid redirects altogether or use them sparsely.

  1. Use Clearly Visible And Actionable CTA

CTA or Call to Action buttons ultimately upon clicking lead the customers to purchase. This is why CTA in an eCommerce site works as the most actionable element to facilitate sales. The CTA buttons should be designed to ensure clear visibility and easy interaction.


In CTA make use of words and phrases that inspire desirable actions leading to sales.

Always make sure you explain the benefits of clicking on CTA well in advance.

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Set clear expectations of the results after clicking on CTAs.

Design CTAs appropriately to help easy finger tapping on them.

Use proper contrast of colors to ensure that the CTAs standout visibly.

  1. Make The Website Navigation Better

Navigation happens to be a key element in guiding a user across the website pages. Crafting and designing the navigation menu is important to ensure better user experience and business conversion. Let us explain some of the effective principles of website navigation.


Give priority to most visited pages: When creating navigation always give priority to pages that are most visited and accessed frequently. Use Google or a credible analytics tool to find it out.

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Understand user journey: Don’t presuppose the user journey. Rather use effective tools like Crazy Egg to understand how the customers use your store and accordingly build your navigation to make it user-friendly.

Use categories that are searched most: By using analytics tools you can know what are the most popular or frequently searched categories and use only these categories to help users search the store easily.

#4. Give The Product Pages A Total Makeover

In an online store, nothing helps business conversion than the product pages. By tweaking the product pages for easier access to what customers look for, you can uplift the overall user experience to a great extent. Let us offer some effective tips for product pages to boost mobile conversion.

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The product page on a mobile screen is more likely to look cluttered because of the smaller screen size. This is why it would be wise to choose appropriate colors, contrast, depth, and on-screen elements to ensure easy visibility.

Write compelling product descriptions that easily arouse interest or lead to sales. Always explain the real-life benefits rather than providing features in industry terms. Always include size charts, reviews, FAQ page links and other details that are relevant.

Express the uniqueness of each product: Whether through images or through product descriptions, establish the uniqueness of the products. Don’t make them look similar to one another.

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Give extra attention to image quality: Most buyers prefer buying products upon seeing images. The product images looking dull are very unlikely to impress customers and convert sales. So, besides offering high-quality images also make sure you help customers to see the products from different perspectives and angles.

Use product videos: Videos help a lot in describing a product and its various advantages in real life usage scenarios. Product videos besides communicating minute product details help to impress the customers about the uses and benefits of the products.

Clearly visible price: Always make sure that the product price is clearly visible along with the discount and promotional offers. You also need to include charts and calculation tools based upon your niche. Customers should not search for them elsewhere. They should get all help for coming to a buying decision right on the product page.

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Out of stock labels: A product largely populated with too many out of stock products is an eyesore and is demotivating for the buyers. On the other hand, a customer being notified at the last minute about the non-availability of a product is a really annoying thing. For a better customer experience, make sure your inventory and the product page are constantly in sync and you quickly fill up those spots of unavailable items. When displaying out of stock labels, always put them behind the available ones.

#5. Provide A Seamless And Easy Checkout

Among the various reasons for abandoning a shopping cart, uneasy and complex checkout is one very important one. A study by the Baymard Institute revealed that 28% of people abandon shopping carts in case of the long and complicated checkout process. A whopping 37% of customers simply leave their carts in case creating an account is mandatory. These issues cause even more problems for mobile websites. Let us explain some useful tips to make the checkout process better.

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Minimize the entire mobile check out process within a few steps.

Make checkout page clutter free with least minimum fields.

Allow guest accounts and social login to help users continue purchasing without going through the entire registration page.

Be transparent and always clearly mention the total cost of cart items clearly and inform them about delivery and other charges in the same bill.

#6. Allow Customers Using Digital Wallets

Digital wallets help customers avoid all the labor of filling up information about their bank and cards for payment processing. Most customers finding the tons of typing and engagement the payment page requires on the mobile screen, just leave the cart without completing the purchase. Digital wallets help them pay the store with just a tap.

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While digital wallets help customers process payment faster and buy products incredibly faster, it also helps the mobile users avoid all the demanding tasks of typing information on tiny form fields. Mobile wallets are also secure and trustworthy enough now with several layers of encryption to protect the financial data of customers. You have several digital wallet options for mobile eCommerce stores like Amazon Pay, Google Pay, Apple Pay, and PayPal.



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