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August 4, 2022

How to Build an Awesome Team in Real Estate?

Building an excellent team is one of the most important things you can do in real estate. You’ll want to hire motivated, enthusiastic, and committed people to make your business thrive. This blog post will show you how to build an incredible team in real estate.


A Strong Pipeline of Leads

If you want to build an excellent team, your first step is to get leads. Your group can only grow if you’re generating new business consistently. Leads are clients interested in buying or selling homes but haven’t decided which agent will help them move forward with the process.

The best way for agents to generate leads is by networking and finding out what’s happening in their market area—but this can be tough when there’s so much competition between agents. So how do you make sure that every lead goes somewhere meaningful?

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To start with, do not send any referral requests until after getting all of your current clients’ contact information. This includes verbal referrals (people telling others how happy they were working with you) and written ones (emails sent directly from yourself).

Once these are collected in one place, you can start thinking about sending out those referral requests via email or postcard. Don’t forget this step either; many people don’t realize that once someone signs up through your website, it counts as a new client even though it hasn’t been officially confirmed yet.


Great Support Staff

Hiring the best support staff is one of the essential parts of building a successful real estate company. A good team will help you get more done, save money and make your clients happy. It’s essential to research what kinds of candidates you need and how they can benefit your business.

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This can help guide you towards hiring individuals with specific skill sets or talents that are valuable for growing your business—and also make sure everyone gets along well enough, so everyone has fun working together.


Having an Administrator is Key

An administrator is a person who keeps track of all incoming and outgoing emails, phone calls, voicemails, and texts. The administrator should also be able to answer any questions that may arise within or outside the office.

The best way to find an experienced administrator who will work well with your team is by asking around at various real estate offices in your area. You can also research before hiring someone new to ensure they fit into your group.

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Transaction Coordinator

A transaction coordinator is a real estate agent who works with the client and their agent to coordinate the required paperwork. The coordinator helps keep track of timelines, budgets, and other aspects of an agreement.

This role can be crucial if you’re working with multiple agents on a deal or selling property instead of listing it for sale through an agency. The job involves coordinating all parties involved in closing deals: seller or buyer, lenders, title companies, surveyors, and attorneys.

It also involves ensuring that everyone has their ducks in a row before signing off on anything so that nothing falls through later down the road.

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Marketing Manager

The Marketing Manager is responsible for the company’s marketing strategy and execution. They’re also responsible for creating the company’s marketing plan, managing social media accounts, website content, and email marketing campaigns and advertising strategies.


Inside Sales Agent

Inside sales agents are the backbone of any real estate team. They’re the ones who make up a significant percentage of your revenue, and they’re responsible for closing deals with homeowners. An inside sales agent should have a high level of confidence, self-awareness, and good communication skills.

In addition, they should know how to build rapport quickly and easily with prospective clients. They should also be able to handle pressure well while enjoying working together as a team member.

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Inside sales agents must have strong interpersonal skills to close deals with homeowners or other interested parties effectively. They need good listening skills because they’ll spend most of their time talking on the phone or meeting face-to-face with clients.


Showing Assistant

The first step in building a successful team is showing assistance. A good showing assistant will help you with marketing, scheduling appointments, and keeping everything on schedule. They should be able to provide the buyer with answers to their questions and information about the home to make an informed decision when it comes time to buy or sell.

Additionally, the listing agent must always be accessible to your buyers’ needs and inquiries regarding the property. This includes being available before open houses begin or after closings have occurred so that no problems are getting into their homes during those times (or any other time).

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Strong Team Culture

You can try establishing a strong team culture via some of these activities:


  • Team building exercises are a great way to build relationships and foster camaraderie.
  • Make a game by assigning partners or roles within the group, so everyone has a specific role based on their strengths or interests. Then assign tasks based on those roles (e.g., “One person will make all calls while another does research for us). This will help you identify who is good at what—which helps them feel better about themselves. Typically, games can get people laughing, interacting, and establishing trust among team members.


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Fun Client Events

A common mistake is to assume that your team needs to be a bunch of workaholics. While it’s true that you need people who can put in long hours and stay late, you also need others willing to have fun with the job.

The best way for your team members to feel like they’re being productive is by having some activity throughout the week or month that allows them all time off together and opportunities for learning new skills and building relationships within their company.

These activities can range from team bonding exercises like “how-to” workshops where everyone knows how something works together. Also, they could involve something more playful, like going out on a field trip together. This will help build rapport and enhance their knowledge base about what goes on outside of work life.

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Now, with these ideas in mind, you can be sure to build a team in real estate. You can start with a few employees and grow it as your business grows, but make sure you have a culture of employees who are passionate about what they do and enjoy working together.


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