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February 22, 2023

How to Connect Your Laptop to Your TV

Regardless of the purpose of having your laptop connected to your TV, it can be done quickly with just a few pieces of cable that get connected between the TV and laptop. Once you make this connection, you will be able to share and enjoy all of your videos and photos with family and friends. Below are a few of the well-known methods of how to connect your laptop to your TV.


Connect With The HDMI Port On The TV

The use of HDMI accessories such as an HDMI port cable is an easy way to have a laptop connected to the TV. The majority of laptops today have a High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI). This port is similar to a USB but a bit thinner in appearance. While the cost of HDMI cables is affordable, they can also be located and connected easily.

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Once you have set the TV HDMI to the same HDMI as the laptop, the configuration should begin automatically to achieve optimal settings. If the display is not automatic, then the display settings need to be adjusted. The settings are able to be adjusted by either right-clicking the mouse or through the Control Panel. From the drop-down, select TV. You will also be able to use a variety of resolutions. If the recommended version does not work or if you prefer other resolutions, you can make adjustments.


Using Alternate HDMI Ports

When your TV has an HDMI but your laptop has an alternate port, then you should have no problem with connecting it. This other port is known as VGA and although it is different, it does provide an output for video. With the VGA connection, you will need to connect a second wire for sound. This wire is known as the 3.5mm lead and connects the TV to the headphone port of your laptop.

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With both HDMI and VGA used more often than any other port types, there may be times when a DisplayPort would come in handy that also works the same as HDMI and enables both video and sound. A Composite Video cable is another cable that only provides video and needs a cable to output the sound.


Although the TV and laptop connections may be different such as a DisplayPort on the laptop and HDMI on the TV, you only need to have an adapter connected. This adapter is not expensive and involves one end being a DisplayPort and HDMI on the other end. Make sure that both ends are correctly plugged into each appropriate port on both the laptop and TV. Similar to an HDMI, the devices will recognize each other automatically. If recognition is not automatic, make a little adjustment to the settings the same way as the HDMI.

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When the picture is not visible still once a connection is made between the laptop and TV, it is important to ensure that the input is correct. When a picture is not present still, then the laptop settings will need to be checked.


WiFi Connection

Many TVs today permit the use of Bluetooth or other forms of WiFi that easily connects a laptop to a TV. In order to accomplish this, an app will search for the TV you plan to connect to. Many of the TVs include this capability so the connection will be easy.


A few examples of WiFi connections that can be made include:

  • The Allcast app permits great WiFi streaming capabilities
  • Chromecast utilizes Google Chrome and wireless
  • Roku HDMI stick
  • Amazon Firestick
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The Digital Visual Interface

With your laptop’s Digital Visual Interface or DVI, it will allow you to use the port for video only. This port type will need an extra wire for the sound. Or, you can connect a DVI-HDMI cable so that both video and sound can be transmitted without any problem.



When you evaluate what you need, you need to ensure that either a cable for HDMI or a wireless connection will be appropriate. When you decide to make the connection with the wires, it is important that the wires are long enough. For wireless, your OS needs to be compatible in order to connect properly.

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