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February 6, 2023

Romantic Comedy Movies You Need to Watch this Winter

Winter is our favorite season. There we said it. Yes, we agree that winter means super chilly weather, white fields, frozen lakes, and hazy skies. However, we also believe that it is the best time of the year. Not only do we get to stay at home and curl around the cozy fireplace, but we are also blessed with the chance to spend some time with our friends and family.

Christmas is the main highlight of this magical weather. Decorating the tree, and waiting for the presents while sitting close to the fireplace, makes us feel great and we start wishing for things to stay the way they are forever and ever.

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Yes, Christmas is over now; however, the magic is here to stay. Everyone’s still in holiday mode. And who does not like watching movies on their couch in this beautiful weather, especially when there is no stress of work? And in our eyes, the best genre of movies that keeps us glued to our TV screens and brightens up our day is the rom-com genre. It makes you appreciate love while keeping you lighthearted as well.

So if you are also still enjoying this magical weather and want a break from this stressful life, well make sure you have signed up with a reliable cable provider like Grande that gives you access to many basic TV plus HD channels. This way, you’ll have all your favorite entertainment channels that too at affordable rates.

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Now that you are fully immersed in the holiday mode and also have access to a dependable cable provider, let us tell you that we have done a little something for you. We have done our research and have found some amazing rom-com movies that you can enjoy on your next movie night. So grab your mug of hot chocolate, sit close to the fireplace and keep reading.

  1. While You Were Sleeping

This movie tells us the story of a lonely and depressed train station employee Lucy who secretly loves a boy named Peter. One day, she sees her crush (Peter) get stuck on the train track. She immediately runs to help him and successfully pulls him out of danger and takes him to the hospital.

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At the hospital, she meets Peter’s family who thinks that Lucy is Peter’s girlfriend and Lucy doesn’t correct them. They are just very thankful to her for saving his precious life and wholeheartedly welcome her into their beautiful family. They also request her to spend the holidays with them. While you were sleeping, is a very sweet movie that makes you realize that life is very short and that you should be grateful for your family and loved ones.

  1. The Holiday

In this movie, you will see two women; Iris and Amanda who no longer believe in love and plan to spend the holidays far away from home. They think of swapping their houses. Iris shifts to sunny California whereas Amanda finds a home in beautiful but chilly England.

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In their new settings, both the girls find new love and start believing in themselves thanks to their new boyfriends Miles and Graham. Iris’s story is unique and relatable. She shows us a rational picture of unrequited affection and her entire journey of self-acceptance makes us fall in love with her character. Yes, her story does include a pinch of romance but it is just a small part of her story. The real win for her is how she learns to love and respect herself no matter what.

Amanda remains unlucky in finding love and decides to escape it fully. However, God has some other plans. Love finds its way to her and changes her for the better. Watching her fall in love and accept those feelings is very satisfying.

  1. Bridget Jones’s Diary
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Bridget Jones’s Diary revolves around the life of a middle-aged woman named Bridget. Like all of us, Bridget also believes in ‘new year, new me’ resolutions and starts preparing a journal in order to accomplish all her aims and targets. Her goals being; maintaining her weight, quitting smoking and drinking, and finding the perfect match for herself.

This film blesses us with the modern and memorable character of Bridget who entertains us with her eccentric and charming personality. Hugh Grant and Colin Firth who become quite competitive and fight for their love play the role of her boyfriends.



  1. When Harry Met Sally
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When Harry met Sally is one of the best rom-com movies of all time. This movie narrates the story of both Harry and Sally who have been friends for twelve years now. Their first impressions of each other are not very pleasant and they end up arguing and hating each other.

They strongly believe that men and women can never be best friends. However, when they get a chance to meet again, they try not to repeat their past mistakes and become good friends. This movie is a true classic. It shows true emotions with a pinch of humor. The setting, the characters, and their chemistry are truly commendable.

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While this movie is sweet and teaches us a lot about love, it also gives us the important message that love can never be fully planned. So live your life to the fullest and true love will find you when the time is right.

Final Words

We hope the classics we’ve mentioned in this article will make your day. So start preparing for the next movie night and invite all your friends over.


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